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For successful businesses, image is everything!

A good public image can help you gain clients, introduce new products, and grow your business. As specialists in public relations, we will help you develop content that draws in an audience and lets your customers know what’s new with your business.

Services We Can Provide to Build Your Public Image

  • Grand Openings
  • Press Releases
  • Speech Scripts
  • Industry-Specific Events

These services allow you to relay your company’s message directly to the public. We can also spread your message through social media and online advertisements. In any case, we will ensure your message is clearly communicated and effectively promoted. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to making these events successful, offering presentations, interview coaching, and participating as speakers or representatives. We also provide motivational tools to aid growth and productivity in your business or sales team.

Monthly Press Releases are Important to Build Your Company’s Name Awareness

Press releases communicate your business’s newsworthy events, informing the public about your new products/services, anniversaries, quality certifications, educational classes, new executive staff members, trade show events, etc. We will electronically submit your press release to a media list we formulate for your business.

Press releases are only one example of the writing we can provide to promote your company. We can also craft articles and editorial stories to showcase your company’s successes, projects, and growth to potential customers. With our media connections, we can organize media interviews to help you further spread your message.

In addition to writing content for your business, we can organize events such as trade shows, business conferences, educational seminars, and grand openings. We also design and provide marketing materials for these events.

Cassidy Advertising & Consulting also assists political campaigns by acting as a public relations liaison for candidates. We help develop their public image and social media presence and design marketing materials and advertisements for their campaigns.

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