Glossary of Terms

Ad Copy

Printed text or spoken words in an advertisement.


A marketing communication that promotes or sells a product, service or idea.

Advertising Budget

The money set aside by the client to pay for advertising.

Advertising Plan

An outline of the goals an advertising campaign should achieve.


The visual components of an ad, not including the text.

Banner Ad

An image used on websites to promote a product or service.


An outdoor sign or poster used to promote a product or service.


Consistently updated digital journals or pages offering insights on various subjects.

Brand Awareness

The potential customers’ recognition of a brand and its products or services.

Brand Name

The name used to differentiate one product from a competitor. It applies to a single product, product line, or a company.


The headline of an advertisement or the content accompanied by an image or video.


The term used for the advertisers they represent.

Commercial Advertising

A type of advertising that involves commercial interests.

Constant Contact

A tool that provides email and event marketing and online surveys to build strong customer relationships for a growing business.


The action to discuss an idea or advice with an expert or professional.


All words that are written or spoken in an advertisement.


The act of writing text for advertisements or other forms of marketing.

Cost Effective

Providing a service that meets goals with using the lowest price.


Classification of consumers, such as age, sex, income, education, etc.

Digital Design

A form of graphic design utilized on digital platforms such as computers.

Display Advertisement

An ad that can stand alone, such as a sign in a window. In print media it is an advertisement other than a classified ad.


The buying and selling of products or services on the internet.

Email Marketing

Utilizing email to promote a product or service to build relationships with potential or current clients.


An online platform that offers services for social connection, enabling the sharing of information, visuals, and maintaining relationships with friends and family.


The style that copy is written or typed in.

Full-Service Ad Agency

An ad agency that handles all aspects of the advertising process and marketing communication.

Google Ads

An online advertising platform where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements.

Google My Business

An online platform designed for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on Google.

Graphic Design

Combines text and visuals with the intention to promote, educate or call to action.


These are keywords added after a pound sign on social posts to identify digital content on a specific topic.


The number of times an advertisement is seen by an audience.

Industrial Advertising

Advertising targeted toward manufacturers.


A digital platform for sharing both images and videos, creating a social networking space.

Instagram Stories

Allows users to post photos or videos to Instagram for a 24-hour period, which creates engagement.


Catering specifically to professionals, this online platform facilitates networking within the business sector through information, videos, and photos.

Marketing Strategy

A set of specific strategies designed to get desired marketing messages to correct target markets.

Media Placement

It is the method of placing your ad using the media, such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, banners, etc.

Print Design

A form of graphic design that uses visual communication to convey information through a printed medium such as paper.

Press Release

An official written statement that is sent to a media outlet for publication.

Public Relations

Communicating with the public to influence their opinions when promoting a person, product, or idea.


The total number of people exposed to an advertisement during a specific time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utilizing keywords and links to increase the visibility of a website organically.

Social Media

Communication on websites and apps between people and businesses.

Target Audience

A specified group for which the advertisement is designed.


An online platform that allows for the broadcasting of photos, videos, and brief messages known as tweets.


A set of related pages that is publicly accessible and only viewable on the internet.


An online platform that allows individuals to distribute and exchange video content.

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